6 November Newsletter

November 6, 2020by 22CenturyDesign

Dear Parents/Carers, As you will be aware from the Press, schools will remain open during the November lockdown.  This, we believe, is the right decision for our children who deserve the best education. All the children are thriving amongst their class friends and responding very positively to these unusual times. One of the national lockdown...

Dear Parents/Carers,

As you will be aware from the Press, schools will remain open during the November lockdown.  This, we believe, is the right decision for our children who deserve the best education. All the children are thriving amongst their class friends and responding very positively to these unusual times.

One of the national lockdown rules is that adults are allowed to meet only with one other person outside.  How does this impact on us as a school? This means that there should be no congregating at the gates and we need to be mindful of others when on the playground, before and after school.

At the beginning of the week,  I sent out a letter on behalf of Public Health England, who were asking for parents to keep the children at school if they were poorly, not just with the coronavirus symptoms. This is because it has come to light recently that people have been tested positive despite having cold symptoms and not the traditional Covid19 symptoms:

  • High temperature
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Persistent cough

We will also be changing things for drop off from Monday 09 November.  Teachers will no longer be collecting children from the playground.  Miss Harvey and myself will be sending the children straight in to school, at the allotted times.  In order to support us with this, please, unless otherwise unavoidable, arrive at school a few minutes before your allotted time.

While we remain open we will continue to follow the COVID-19 safe risk assessment and rules. We will ensure that we keep your children as safe as we possibly can.

Mr. C. M. Thornton
Head Teacher


Attendance up to the 23 October, 2020 is 95.98%.  The school target is 97%.

Star of the Week

We have re-introduced Star of the Week awards this term, but as we can no longer hold our special assemblies, they will be presented in a different way.

Parents/Carers will be informed by text that their child has an award, (but the children do not know!).  The presentation will be made in class and a photograph will be sent on Class Dojo so you will be able to celebrate with your child.

The following children in Foundation and KS1 received their award on Friday, 23 October: Harper, Rosie, Klaudia, Zack, Logan, Sienna, Casey, Ria, Ethan, Seth and Kadie-May.

At today’s presentation, the following children in KS2 were presented with their award: Hannah, Harry, Dawson, Joey, Isabel, Evie, Harry, Devon, Evie-Mae, Oliver, Dexter, Sophie, Tegan, Luke and Oliver.

Well done to you all.

Mrs. Marsden’s Book Choice

“My favourite book as a child was ‘Shadow the Sheepdog’ by Enid Blyton, which sparked my life-long love of dogs.  Sadly, however, this book is no longer in print, therefore, I’d like to tell you about a book I loved to share with my youngest nephew when he was little – still following a doggy theme of course!

‘Some Dogs Do’ by Jez Alborough is a heart-warming tale of a little dog named Sid who, from sheer happiness, manages to fly to school one day.  Once at school though, no-one believes him, and his happiness vanishes.  Back at home, his Dad shows a loving concern for his son’s unhappiness, which quickly disperses when a secret is revealed!

This bright and beautiful book is cleverly written in rhyme, making it easy to learn off by heart.  It is a gorgeous, simple story with a strong message about believing in yourself and never giving up”.

Nursery Places

Do you have a child born between 1 September, 2017 and 31 August, 2018?  Are you looking for a Nursery place from September, 2021, or know someone who is?

If so, please contact the school office to complete an application form.  The closing date for applying for a Nursery place for September, 2021 is the end of January.

Virtual Parent Consultations

Letters will be going out next week regarding Virtual Parent Consultations taking place week commencing Monday, 23 November.  A letter and guide will be emailed to you shortly.

Free School Meals During Self-Isolation

If your child/children are eligible for free school meals, Morrisons are offering a new Kids Meal Pack containing breakfast, lunch and snacks for 7 days if they are in isolation.  The packs will be delivered directly to your home.

If you need to take advantage of this offer, please contact the school office.

Entry/Leaving School Premises

May we remind you to use the correct gates when bringing your child/children to school and collecting them at the end of the day.

If you, or a member of your family (including children), are self-isolating, please do not come onto school premises.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Year 6 Visit to Beaumanor Hall

This week our Year 6 children visited Beaumanor Hall as part of their History topic on WWII.  The children dressed up as evacuees and had a great day at Beaumanor Hall.  Here is what some of the children thought of their day out:-

“On Wednesday, we went to Beaumanor Hall to learn about WWII.  We learned that when the air-raid siren went off, it was a ten minute warning to get to an air-raid shelter.

I also learned that there were no gas attacks in WWII. As well as that, we learnt about the different types of gas masks: there was one for babies that you had to pump oxygen into the mask. The style for toddlers was made into a game – when they put the mask on it made a deep sound when they breathed out.  The type for people like firefighters, alarm sounder and army soldiers had a bigger air hole than an average sized gas mask.

I particularly enjoyed when we went around Beaumanor looking for clues to solve a mystery.  It was a great day at Beaumanor Hall” by Isabelle (Class Lime).


“Inside the Morse Cottages (a secret base in the disguise of a cottage) we learned about decoding messages.  We listened to real morse code before doing it ourselves.  To make it easier, they said letters instead of doing noises and also gave us a letter wheel.  It also introduced us to air raids, saying one will be ‘tonight’.

Everyone had fun at Beaumanor Hall and it’s definitely one of the best trips I have ever been on.  The entire class learnt a lot and I’m thankful I went” by Zac (Class Lime).


“Our favourite part of the day was going into the cellars, which were used as an air raid shelter during the war.  It was dark and cold, as well as a little bit scary. We listened to a recording of an air raid and there were lighting effects that made us feel as though it was a real air raid – it was very loud.

We had great fun finding the clues and working out who was the Beaumanor spy.  We enjoyed pretending to be evacuees from the 1940’s and it made us feel like we were really there. Getting our own identity card and learning about rationing was also good fun.

Practising how to decode ciphers and learning about how the ladies in this top secret Y Station had to listen and write down German messages for 8 hours in one shift was very interesting and made us think about what life would have been like back then.  It made us feel lucky that we live in a time of peace.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience”
by Sienna and Erin (Class Alder)

Triangle Club Invoices

Following feedback from the Triangle Questionnaire sent out to parent/carers of children using the Triangle Club, please be aware that invoices will now be sent out by email, rather than being sent home in a child’s bag.

Dogs on the Playground

Please be aware that dogs are not allowed on school premises when bringing children to school or collecting them at the end of the day.

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