14 May Newsletter


Dear Parents/Carers, We are very excited to share with you our new vision for St. Paul’s. Our vision is to be an excellent school, rooted in Christian values that develop children into confident, happy citizens and provide a firm foundation to enable them to flourish in the local, global and Christian communities, both now and...

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are very excited to share with you our new vision for St. Paul’s.

Our vision is to be an excellent school, rooted in Christian values that develop children into confident, happy citizens and provide a firm foundation to enable them to flourish in the local, global and Christian communities, both now and in the future.

We want all the children and adults in school to be like stars and shine brightly. There are millions of individual stars shining in our universe, all in their own unique circumstance. In the same way, we want to offer all of our children the opportunity to shine in their own individual way.

Our mission as a school is to provide high quality teaching, learning and reflection from the teachings and values of Christianity to serve our community and beyond.  To fulfil our mission as a whole school community, we strive to live out the vision through our child-friendly motto of “Shine like Stars in the World” intertwined with our school and Christian values.

We hope you share our vision for St. Paul’s and will help us all “Shine like Stars in the World.

Miss K Harvey

Deputy Head Teacher


Attendance up to the 7th May, 2021 is 96.50%. The school target is 97%.

Mrs Bridge’s Book Choice

Since being introduced to Julia Donaldson I have loved her range of books. The Gruffalo was always a firm favourite of mine to read, but since having my daughter, Stickman has quickly become our go-to book at bedtime. We love exploring the illustrations together; naming the different characters and making the sounds of the animals we see in the book.

Her favourite character is definitely Stickman who she refers to as ‘Stick-Stick’.

Whenever we go for a walk she always picks up a ‘Stick-Stick’ and carries it around with her until it is time to leave. At the end of our walks we always make sure we leave the sticks to ensure Stickman is able to get home to the family tree, his Stick Lady Love and their stick children three.

It has been fulfilling to see and hear my daughter reference the book when out and about, even if we haven’t read it for a couple of days. Stickman has clearly resonated with her as elements of the storyline have remained in her conscience and she brings it up voluntarily  through her words and actions.

I truly hope this is just the start of her journey of reading and we continue reading books together.


We would like to remind you of the importance of keeping your child at home if someone in your household, or a close contact, has Covid symptoms and needs to go for a test. Your child, and the household, must self-isolate until the results come back negative. If someone in the household is unwell and is being tested, or maybe sent home from work for testing, please call the school to inform us and then collect your child immediately.

Your child can return to school once the test result comes back negative.

A frequently asked question is ‘What happens if someone self-isolating as a close contact then develops symptoms?’

  • If anyone isolating develops symptoms of COVID-19, they should book a test immediately.
  • They should inform the school they have symptoms, are being tested and of any test result as soon as they receive them.
  • All other household members must now isolate and not leave home until the result of the test.

If your child’s class is closed due to a positive COVID-19 test result within the class, and your child goes for a test which comes back positive, please still let the school know as soon as the results are received.

School Meal Football Fever Thursday!

On Thursday, 20th May the school meal menu will be Chicken Nugget Balls vs Veggie Nugget Balls (V). On the sidelines – chips, sweetcorn and coleslaw with football cookies or ice cream to follow.

Evolve Accident Book

The school has started to use an on-line system for the recording of accidents.  Previously any minor bump/cut/graze accident was made aware to parents by a text.  From Monday 17th May this will change to an e-mail notification of any minor injury sustained during the day where the teacher will monitor your children.

If your child has received an injury of concern, or a head injury, then our policy is to call the priority contact by telephone when our first aiders consider the injury may require further medical care by a GP or Hospital.

PGL Day Camp

The residential visit for year 4 children to PGL Caythorpe Court could not go ahead this year because of Government restrictions, but the centre offered a Day Camp as compensation.

The children went to the Day Camp yesterday and had a wonderful time, and here are some comments from the children:

“The day started off with survival.  We did shelter building, started a fire and peg building for tents (made out of wood). I enjoyed starting a fire the best out of the survival challenges. Next we did raft building, we made it out of four barrels, 2 pieces of wood and 4 ropes.  We used teamwork to make a raft, and finally we put it on the water to see if it would float, luckily it floated with everybody on it! Archery and zip-lining were next.  We faced many challenges (and our fears!) and overall, we had the best day ever!” by Amelia and Willow.

“When we arrived, we went straight to our cabins to put our bags in our rooms.  The cabins were very compact.  We then did survival and used knives and wood to make a tent peg.  Soon after, we made a fire using cotton wool, tins, flint and steel. After that, we did raft building.  We used logs, barrels and rope to build our rafts.  Most of the rafts, unfortunately, fell apart and we had to go and swim to get the barrels.  At last we got the rafts on the water. Eventually we did zipwire and we had to wear a helmet and harnesses to keep us safe.  The zipwire was very high up so we had to hold on to a handlebar.  We had 2 goes each and it was a lot of fun. A while later, we did archery and we played games like ‘save the princess’.  There were five targets and we had 3 arrows at first, then we had 4, then 3, 2 and 1.  Most of us got very tired and ready to go home. We then got our bags and got on the coach and we all got very exhausted and tired.  Most of us fell asleep on the way back and a lot of us were very cold.  And then we arrived home …” by Evie and James.

School Closure

School will be closed for May half-term from Monday 31st May to Friday 4th June.  School will re-open on Monday, 7th June.

Triangle Club

Triangle Club will be open during Spring Bank week from Tuesday, 1st to Friday, 4th June, 2021.  If you would like your child to attend Triangle Club during this week, and haven’t already made a booking, please contact Nick on 07880 650191.


Warwickshire County Council are making parents/carers aware of the dangers of parking outside school premises, and a banner has been attached to the school fence for your information.

We have attached further information from Warwickshire County Council reminding everyone of the dangers of parking near school.

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