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Worship at our school serves as a vital opportunity for children and members of our community to contemplate values and pertinent issues within the framework of our Christian ethos. It not only embodies our vision but also shapes our interactions with others and informs our actions within the school.
Our worship practices are deeply rooted in Christian values while also acknowledging and embracing the diversity of our multicultural society. We regularly welcome input from clergy and other community members, maintaining strong connections with our parish church and occasionally involving representatives from local churches and charities.
Each worship session commences with the symbolic lighting of three candles and a warm welcome. Children are encouraged to participate in our school prayer if they wish, and every child and staff member is represented by a named star. A selection of stars is chosen weekly, and these individuals are remembered in our thoughts and prayers.

Our entire school community frequently attends worship sessions at St. Paul’s Church, further strengthening our spiritual ties.

The foundation of our worship is built upon three guiding principles:

· Inclusivity: It fosters the holistic development of all children, contributing to their spiritual, moral, social, and cultural growth.

· Invitation: It upholds the dignity of all participants, offering a welcoming and respectful environment.

· Inspiration: Our worship is designed to be engaging and enjoyable, incorporating various experiences while keeping children at the heart of the proceedings.

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