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The aim of the Eco Council is to help protect our planet! The Eco Council is passionate about this topic and has made many changes to help our school become more eco-friendly.

WHAT DOES THEEco council do?

In previous years the Eco Council set up a school clothing bank. The Eco Council would like to bring back the school clothing bank, where members of the eco council will be selling school uniform at a discounted price. Previously Eco council wanted to raise money for a fruit and vegetable garden in the school grounds. We will be raising money throughout the year to be able to make the garden. The Eco council hope that they will be able to sell the fruits and vegetables at a reduced price to the local community. We will also be looking at other ideas on how we can raise money for our school garden.

Other changes...

The children would like to bring back litter picking in the local area and will arrange for classes to go out to help their community. The children will also be encourage the children to use the correct recycling bins.

The Eco Council have also applied to receive packets of wild flowers which they are hoping to plant throughout the school to encourage wildlife.
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