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Here at St. Paul’s we value the benefits of outdoor learning and recognise some children learn better when they’re outside. We want our children to grow up appreciating their environment and learning to look after and value it.


We are fortunate to have two forest school sites at our school and two fully trained forest school leaders. We have been running forest school sessions as part of the curriculum for over 15 years.

Forest school allows children time and space to develop skills and interests and build self-esteem within a fun and natural environment.  We feel being surrounded by nature promotes well-being and ensures our children are healthier and happier, resulting in children who can risk take, problem solve and become confident individuals.

FOREST SCHOOL ARE AREAS THAT WE’VEDeveloped over the years on our school grounds

Forest school are areas that we have developed over the years on our school grounds that consist of fire circles, pizza ovens, a variety of trees, wooden cabins, wooden seating areas and dens.  We go out in all weathers and provide the children with suitable clothing for all types of weather.

Our forest school leaders have a wealth of experience in delivering high quality forest school sessions where children explore a woodland setting and learn about nature in a fun and open-ended session.

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