St. Paul’s is proud to be an International Cross of Nails (ICON) School. We became an ICON school in March 2018.


ICONS is a group of schools around the world who work to promote peace, reconciliation and forgiveness in their schools and communities. We are part of a network which has 17 international, 8 national and 24 local schools. Here at St. Paul’s we encourage children to reflect on their actions and restore relationships using a peace bridge and restorative chat.

Year 5-6

We have a team of Year 5/6 pupils who are ICON Heroes. They have been learning about what it means to be an ICON School and are thinking of ways to promote these themes in our school. ICON heroes have helped launch a charity project called Courageous Advocacy. Each year group has a charity they focus on, learn about and raise money for. This allows our children to become courageous advocates for change in our local, national and global communities. Our Courageous Advocacy scheme is grounded in Christian teachings and following the example of Jesus.

Here is a message from the ICON Heroes

We are the St Paul’s ICON Heroes. We aim to spread peace and joy within our school and St Paul’s Community. We want to heal friendships and relationships by encouraging everyone to help one another and think about their actions and emotions. One of the first things we want to do next term is be out on the playground to make sure everyone has someone to play with and isn’t left out. Being an ICON School is important to us and we want to promote collaborative working within our classrooms and for everyone to be proud to be a member of St Paul’s School.
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