At St. Paul’s, we intend to instil a deep-rooted love for Mathematics within every child.

To instil a deep-rooted love for Mathematics, we ensure our pupils:

Feel successful by instilling a solid foundation in number, so that they can begin to understand the world around them both whilst a pupil at our school and beyond, and therefore become truly fluent in the language of Mathematics

Use reason when problem solving, both within the teaching of Mathematics and as part of the wider world

Have opportunities to explore and develop an appreciation of the power, beauty, wonders and curiosities of Mathematics

Understand the links between Mathematics and other disciplines, for example in Science, Computing or Financial Literacy

Our Curriculum Design

We have designed our curriculum to ensure coverage of the National Curriculum, which will equip our pupils with the Mathematical knowledge and skills that they need to flourish. Our curriculum harnesses a cyclical approach, so that prior knowledge is re-engaged with and built upon year on year. As a result, pupils have multiple opportunities to strengthen, develop and master their subject knowledge, moving the knowledge from short-term to long-term memory. This approach has proven to be very successful – our pupils know more, remember more and constantly demonstrate that they can do more.

To ensure we fulfil the purpose of the teaching of Mathematics, we endeavour to develop our pupils Mathematical understanding through:

Varied and frequent fluency practice so they are fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics
Applying acquired knowledge to support explanations
Solving sophisticated problem

Our Mastery journey started in September 2017 and we purchased Power Maths in September 2019. However, by September 2021, we identified a need to offer our pupils a wider range of question types in the aim that we can make our pupils truly fluent in Mathematics. Power Maths, unfortunately, did not provide our pupils with the broadest range of question types that we felt necessary to support their development into truly fluent Mathematicians, and therefore we have moved away from using Power Maths as the sole resource for our Mathematics teaching. Currently, we are using White Rose as a spine to our curriculum but substantiating our curriculum offer by using a plethora of resources from an extensive range of companies and experts in the teaching of Mathematics, included but not limited to White Rose, Power Maths and the NCETM. By using more than one specialist resource, we know that we are providing a higher quality of education to our pupils and therefore know we are developing our pupils Mathematical understanding. 

ST. PAUL'S MATHSMastery programme

Mastery, according to Mark McCourt in his book Teaching for Mastery, is a methodology in which the approach to one-to-one tutoring is delivered to more than one person i.e. a class of pupils. Mastery learning is hugely effective and can lead to an additional 5 months’ progress when delivered effectively, according to the Education Endowment Foundation, and evidence suggests that the approach may narrow the attainment gap.

We also subscribe to Numbots and Times Tables Rock Stars which ensures our pupils become fluent in their rapid recall of number bonds to 20 and times tables. In Early Years and Key Stage 1, we have been a part of the Mastering Number project funded by the NCETM, which has had a profound impact on our pupils understanding of numbers to 20. Some pupils in Key Stage 2 also take part in the First Mathematics Challenge and the Primary Mathematics Challenge, which aim to engage pupils in sophisticated problem solving.

St. Paul’s work closely with the local Maths Hubs, originally working with Central Maths Hub and now working with Origin Maths Hub. We do this to ensure our Mathematics teaching is the best it can possibly be so that our pupils reach their full potential. We are currently working with Origin Maths Hub on the Mastering Number programme, aimed at Early Years and Key Stage 1, and are a part of the Mastery Sustaining group.  


Year 3 have been doing some fun maths learning about perimeter...

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