ST. PAUL'SPupil Leadership Team

Mr Thornton and Miss Harvey are looking to appoint four Year 6 pupils to take senior roles on the Pupil Leadership Team. They will play a vital role in the life of the school and together, they will work to improve the school and suggest solutions to various dilemmas. They will be the pupil ‘public face’ of the school.

ST PAUL'SPupil Leadership Team


I think I will support you and the members of staff to improve being able to promote the school...


I am extremely confident to be involved in a big part of the school. I am determined to promote the school...


I have a lot of experience that would make me the ideal candidate for this position...


I am willing to work with the Pupil Leadership Team to make the school a better place...


I believe my creativity helps me bring great ideas to make subjects more fun and school a more exciting place...


I feel have the required qualities and determination to have a positive impact on my peers, if I was given the chance...

The Appointment Process

Anyone standing for appointment must be able to demonstrate commitment to the school and involvement in the life of the school e.g. effort to work.

Candidates need to submit a letter of application stating why they would like to be considered for the role. They should make close reference to how they believe they have the qualities outlined below. Letters of application must be submitted to the Mr Thornton by Monday 19th October 2020.

Short listed candidates will be asked to submit a 3-minute video presentation, which will be shared with the whole school, explaining how they are perfect for the job. Please email your video to by Wednesday 21st October 2020.

Finally you will be required to attend an interview with Mr Thornton and Miss Harvey on Friday 23rd October 2020.

Job Description

Main purposes of the Job:

To support the Head teacher and the Senior Leadership Team in improving, promoting and representing the school.

Main responsibilities:

1. Represent the school at certain events
2. Make speeches promoting the school
3. Show visitors around
4. Oversee with the Pupil Leadership Team
5. Support planning events
6. Attend public functions with staff


1. Organisation (personal and the ability to work in teams)
2. Perseverance and determination
3. Humility (the role represents the school, but at the same time it represents a service to the other children
4. Reliability and time management
5. Initiative and commitment
6. Ability to communicate to large groups confidently
7. Ability to recognise and respond to others’ achievements
8. Responsibility and Leadership


1. Experience of being an excellent role model for others
2. Experience of talking to others confidently/ or giving speeches

Dates To Remember:

Monday 19 October 2020
Wednesday 21 October 2020
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