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Welcome to Reception. Miss Turner and Miss Grant are really looking forward to seeing you in our classes in September. Miss Turner (Bay class) and Miss Grant (Oak class) are excited about your children beginning their St Paul’s journey and fostering a love of learning. In Reception we follow a play-based curriculum with a focus on active learning, which focuses on developing the skills that children need in order to learn effectively.


- Personal, Social and Emotional Development
- Physical Development
- Communication and Language Development
- Literacy
- Maths
- Expressive arts and design
- Understanding of the world

We have had a very busy term in Reception this Spring term both for our home learners and the children of key workers who have been in school.

Our topic has been about fairy tales where we dressed up as different characters, made porridge like The Three bears did, thought about the characteristics of different characters in stories.  This has enabled us to foster a love of stories and to experience lots of creative activities relating to some of the traditional stories.

We have also celebrated book day where we dressed as our favourite story character.

We have celebrated Shakespeare day and learnt about A Midsummer night’s dream where we went on a character hunt, made fairy wands, designed magic flowers and developed our imagination through playing with a small world fairy garden.

We have also learnt about Spring and Easter where we did some observational drawings of daffodils and painted tulips and looked for signs of Spring.

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We are very lucky to have an outdoor classrooms
We will work flexibly with you
It’s important for children to foster a love of reading from a very early age

ST PAUL'SClass Bay's outside classroom

Our children love being outside learning and playing.

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