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We believe that the best schools have a pupil-led culture where children take on key leadership roles and have their voice heard.


We whole-heartedly value the work of our pupil leaders, using it to shape the teaching and learning that happens at our school. We are moulding leaders of the future: ready for work, ready for the world. We strive to craft confident and articulate leaders who can share their views with any audience and apply their leadership skills to real life situations.

Pupil Leadership Team

The aim of the various teams within the Pupil Leadership Team is to enable children the chance to have a leadership role within the school, ensuring that their voices and opinions are heard. We are a pupil-led school, regularly using pupil voice to make improvements. Therefore, we are giving the children the opportunity to assist with those improvements along the journey.

We actively encourage children to challenge, discuss and debate

At St. Paul’s, we actively encourage children to challenge, discuss and debate issues which are important to them. Our children feel safe to share their opinions and viewpoints. This is gathered through pupil voice surveys, learning walks and a pupil voice suggestion box. The feedback the pupil leadership team receive from their peers is discussed at regular pupil leadership team meetings and then acted upon accordingly. Members of the pupil leadership team are assigned different roles and oversee their own sub teams, which are supported by a linked member of staff, such as Eco Council, Shakespeare Ambassadors, ICON Heroes and E-cadets. Ongoing assessment is used to plan accurately for next steps in learning at a pace that suits and meets the needs of individual learners.
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