At St Paul’s, our aim in Science is to foster a curiosity about the world we live in and to nurture an enthusiasm and love of the subject. We really want our children to develop a science identity – to see the value of science in their everyday life, future education and careers, regardless of their background and starting point.


We would like to inform you of our next fantastic free STEMtastic pop up event that may be of interest to schools and children. This session will be run by Dr Hazel Harrison (Clinical Psychologist and presenter of the BBC Brain Lab) on Monday 23 November 2020 starting at 5pm. This session is suitable for children aged between 7 to 13.

Dr Hazel Harrison

ONLINE ACTIVITIESSwansea Science Festival 2020

If you have a budding scientist on your hands and some spare time over half term then Swansea University is holding a free Online Science Festival from 21 - 31 October 2020. There are a lot of famous faces that you should recognise and a really exciting programme of events that are all absolutely free!

Brian Cox

Konnie Huq

David Baddiel

Grace Webb

Jon Chase

Steve Backshall



Science provides the foundation for understanding and thinking critically about the world. It is an integral part of all of our lives, with links to many other areas, including design and technology, maths and computing. At St Paul’s we encourage our children to investigate, solve problems and ask questions about a wide range of aspects of the world around them and to explore aspects of biology, chemistry and physics in the most practical and engaging ways possible.

We have designed our science curriculum with the intent that our children will develop a good understanding of the world around them and an understanding of how major scientific ideas have played a vital role in society, to prepare them for life in an increasingly scientific and technological world.

The National Curriculum 2014 and the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework 2017 provide the basis for our science curriculum, which is then tailored to meet the learning and developmental needs of the children in our school.


We aim to deliver a Science curriculum that:

Builds upon prior knowledge and a progression of skills to ensure all children have a secure understanding and knowledge of key science concepts
Develops creativity and challenges all of our learners through excellent teaching practice
Inspires and excites our children through engaging practical lessons which are enriched with visits and visitors
Develops aspirational learners with an awareness of the key role that science plays within the world and the opportunities that this creates for future careers
Encourages our children to be self-motivated, independent, curious and resilient learners by developing enquiry-based skills and lessons
Encompasses outdoor learning to create meaningful experiences within the natural environment

ENQUIRY TYPES‘How do we investigate in science?’

Science lessons at St Paul’s are based around investigative work wherever possible. Children are encouraged to understand how science can be used to explain what is occurring, predict how things will behave, and analyse causes. As a part of this, they will be introduced to, and develop their understanding of, the 5 types of scientific enquiry:

SCIENTIFIC SKILLS‘What are the skills we use when we investigate?’

As well as learning about types of scientific enquiry, another important aspect of science involves the ‘skills’ children need to develop as budding scientists. Children will be introduced to, and develop, these important skills as they move through the school via a range of practical investigations:

– Asking questions
– Making predictions
– Setting up tests
– Observing and measuring

– Recording data
– Interpreting and communicating results
– Evaluating



This year we are entering the first year of a five-year partnership with 11 primary schools across the Nuneaton and Bedworth area with The Ogden Trust.
The Ogden Trust School Partnerships programme offers funding and support to groups of schools that are committed to enhancing teaching and learning in science, specifically physics. And, excitingly, St Paul’s has been chosen as the lead school for the partnership. Together we have planned an exciting programme of activities for the coming academic year which will enrich and enhance the science curriculum for all of our children (such as science fairs, science workshops, family learning nights and professional science talks/shows). Also, as part of this exciting project, Science Ambassadors will be appointed from our Year 5/6 pupils to promote, educate and celebrate science within school and our community. Furthermore, The Ogden Trust will provide professional teacher training and teaching resources for all schools in the partnership to raise teacher confidence and skill in delivering inclusive, challenging and engaging lessons.
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