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At St. Paul’s, exam results do not define our pupils. We aim to develop our pupils on all fronts, including in the essential skills required to perform well in the wider world. Hence, we are using a programme called ‘Skills Builder,’ which aims to “build essential skills education into the everyday curriculum.” Skills Builder is a rapidly-growing global partnership, which is accessed by 200,000 plus pupils and allows them to connect with more than 700 organisations, including government departments like The Civil Service, BP and the Bank of America. They also collaborate with organisations a little closer to home, like Birmingham Airport, The Bullring and Aston University.

The Skills Builder programme focuses on eight essential skills: listening, speaking, problem solving, creativity, staying positive, aiming high, leadership and teamwork. Each skill is broken down into sixteen steps. Prior to delivering any materials from the programme, class teachers have assessed their classes on the essential skills. Each week, a short, discrete lesson is taught to our pupils based on their needs. Within our medium and short-term planning, staff link the eight essential skills to the tasks and activities that they wish for their pupils to complete within the wider curriculum, like in English, Maths and our topic work. The clarity of this within our planning has been praised by Skills Builder. We also have incorporated the Skills Builder programme into our Behaviour Policy with staff moving children to the Proud Cloud for their learning behaviours, which are linked heavily to the eight essential skills. Our pupils are also awarded Star of the Week certificates in Assembly based upon the eight essential skills.

After a virtual meeting with Skills Builder in September 2020 it has been agreed that St Paul’s should be aiming for the Gold award this year which is testament to our pupils’ efforts when taking part in the Skills Builder programme.

You can support your child with the Skills Builder programme at home…

  • Clicking on one of the eight skills at the top of the page
  • Choosing the appropriate level for your child, followed by clicking ‘Build It.’
  • Scroll to the bottom of the webpage and you should see “Advice for…”
  • Click the drop down menu and select “Parents and Carers”

Later In The Academic Year

St. Paul’s will be utilising the projects and challenge days that Skills Builder offers and, hopefully, linking the programme to Children’s University; watch this space and check back for updates!
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