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Starting our final term in Year 1 we are excited to launch our new topic ‘What if we got lost at sea?’ which has a Geography focus. The children will have the opportunity look at different types of islands and explore the terrestrial and marine features. They will also look in detail at the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and compare physical features of the Ocean floor and the animal life you would find within each layer of the Ocean floor. We will also study the work of Charles Darwin and his biggest discovery of evolution.

We have some Curriculum Drivers to support our topic:
To have the opportunity to speak to someone who has lived on an island and discuss how different an island community is to our own.
Children will be able to explore what the world looks on some islands and under water
Children will generate a range of questions to find out about characteristics of different islands and the looking closely at the two largest oceans.
Children will look at ways to save the Great Barrier Reef and reduce plastic waste in our oceans and protect sea life.
We all have the responsibility to promote and protect the wellbeing of others.
Listening, Speaking, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Creativity,
Children will learn about some ways of protecting the Great Barrier Reef and how to reduce plastic waste.

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In Science, children will continue to observe and ask scientific questions about the world around them. They will also be performing and evaluating a number of scientific investigations.

In R.E., we will be looking at the story of Easter.

In Science, children will look closer at seasonal changes. They will take part in a summer hunt looking for signs of summer, the weather and temperature.

They will learn how to classify animals into different categories from mammals, fish, birds, amphibians and reptiles.

In R.E., we will be looking sacred books that different faiths use.

This half term we will continue to use our new PSHE scheme, Jigsaw with a focus on the topic ‘changing me.’ This will include looking at life cycles of animals and humans and how we change as we grow.

In art the children will be creating their own sculpture of Moai heads found on Easter Island. We will be using various materials and techniques to manipulate and create our sculpture.

In English we looking at a variety texts over the coming weeks from David Wiesner’s ‘Flotsam’ ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’, The Lost Thing’, and ‘The Big sneeze’.

In Maths, we will continue developing our understanding and fluency of counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10. We will be counting within 100, forwards and backwards starting from any given number. We will recognise common 2D and 3D shapes presented in different orientations.

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