ST PAUL'S YEAR 1Welcome back from
half-term break

After a well-deserved half term break, year 1 are excited to start their new topic ‘Who are our neighbours?’ which has a Geography focus. The children will be exploring their own locality, using observation skills to study the geography of their school and community. They will be using a variety of maps and will begin to use geographical vocabulary to describe their local area. The children will also be locating and naming the 4 countries of the UK and their capital cities.
We will be talking to some residents in Stockingford to find out about their jobs in the local area. The children will ask questions to find out more about the jobs and think about what they would like to be.
To conclude the topic, children will think about what type pf house they would like to live in, what they would like to be and where they would like to live.
Children will be asking questions about their local community and the people who live here including where they live and their family home.
The children will begin to understand the different family dynamics and cultures. They will be able to understand the importance and value of all jobs in our community.
Showing tolerance and respect for the jobs that people do and people in positions of authority during out of school visits.
Our Focus will be listening and responding.

St Paul's

In Science, the children will be identifying and naming different plants and leaves in their local community. They will be describing the structure of a flowering plant including trees.

In R.E., we will be looking at how different people in our community celebrate special occasions before moving onto a Christianity unit linked to Christmas.

This half term we will start to use our new PSHE scheme, Jigsaw with a focus on the topic ‘Being me in my world.’ This will include looking at feeling safe and special, being proud of ourselves and how to recognise feelings when faced with certain consequences.

The children will be designing their own ideal home and learning how to make levers and sliders.
We will be starting off our half term by reading some well-loved traditional fairy tales which will be linked to our topic. The traditional fairy tales include ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ and ‘The three little pigs’ to name but a few. We will then move on to ‘On the way home’ by Jill Murphy, ‘When I grow up’ by Tim Minchin and ‘Windows’ by Julia Denos.
We will be continuing to develop our addition and subtraction skills within 10 and working with numbers within 20.

YEAR 1Autumn term

Our Science topic for the first half term will be ‘Everday Materials’. We will be looking at the properties of materials and investigating suitable uses of different materials.

We will be teaching all aspects of the curriculum which includes RE, Art, PE, Music and PSHE.

We are looking forward to meeting you all and building some wonderful memories with your child.

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