ST PAUL'S YEAR 2Welcome back to school

As we write this update for the ‘Spring’ Term, it is actually snowing outside! We are looking forward to this term, especially now that the end of Key Stage SATs have been cancelled. We have interesting topics and exciting books to share with the children.

REFRESHED AND READY TOLearn about more exciting topics

For the first half term, the topic will be ‘Should we be grateful for the Great Fire of London?’. It will have a History focus and the children will be finding out about the cause of the fire and the impact that it had, both short term and long term. They will use a range of sources to help them come to a conclusion about whether we should be grateful for the Great Fire of London. We will also link our Art to this topic and use printing to recreate paintings of the Great Fire.
In Science, we will continue to learn about ‘Habitats’. We will be focusing on woodland habitats and the plants and animals that live in them. This will also include looking at adaptations of the animals that are found in woodlands and simple food chains that exist in woodlands.
In R.E., we are learning about Judaism and what it means to be Jewish. We will talk about Shabbat and the Jewish festival of Chanukah.
We will continue to use our new PSHE scheme, Jigsaw, by focusing on ‘Dreams and Goals’. This will include setting realistic goals and identifying how they can be achieved. We will talk about perseverance and collaboration and how both are essential in helping us to achieve our dreams and goals.
We have more fantastic books to read in our English lessons. We will start by reading ‘Leaf’ and ‘The Bear and the Piano’ ~ both books with wild animals at the heart of the story. We will then read a story set during the time of the Great Fire of London, ‘Vlad and the Great Fire of London’, which is told from a very unusual point of view! Finally, we will move onto Shakespeare and focus on the famous love story, ‘Romeo and Juliet’. This will include a comparison with a modern day version, again from the point of view of some very interesting characters in ‘The Whisperer’.
The main focus in Maths will be multiplication and division, which will include increasing the speed of recall of the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We will also complete a short Statistics unit, which will focus on drawing and interpreting pictograms.

YEAR 2Autumn term

Throughout the Spring Term, we will also continue to follow ‘Real PE’ in our PE lessons and ‘Charanga’ in Music lessons. We will also introduce the Read Write Inc Spelling programme to the majority of year 2 pupils who successfully passed the Phonics Screening Check in December.

YEAR 2Topic Overviews

WELLBEINGChildren's Mental Health Week

Now more than ever we need to be looking after our mental health! 1st -7th February was Children's Mental Health Week. We got involved to mark the occasion and to raise money for the charity Place2Be who focus on improving children's mental health.

The theme of this year's Children’s Mental Health Week was Express Yourself.
Expressing yourself is about finding ways to share feelings, thoughts, or ideas, through creativity. This could be through art, music, writing and poetry, dance and drama, photography and film, and doing activities that make you feel good.

Check out how we have expressed ourselves this week!

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