ST PAUL'S YEAR 4Intro: And in the blink of an eye, it was Summer term...

Can you believe we are now in the last term of year 4? We can't! We were so impressed with how the children returned to school before the Easter break, after yet another lockdown and we now hope the Summer term will allow us to well and truly get stuck in! We had a fantastic time learning all about the Anglo-Saxons but now it's time to explore new areas across the whole curriculum.

ST PAUL'SOur topic for the first half of the summer term is:

What if a river took a different course? This is a Geography-based topic and will give us the opportunity to use our map-reading skills, as well as looking at how the water cycle works, the journey that rivers take from source to mouth and even complete a little fieldwork around our local river, the Anker! This will allow us to compare the uses of rivers around the World and why people built settlements near to them centuries ago.
We will explore a wide-range of fiction and non-fiction texts, building on our knowledge of how books can be structured in different ways and using our skimming and scanning skills to retrieve information and make inferences. There will also be lots more exciting writing opportunities to help us build our writing stamina and composition.
We will be focusing on making sure we are ready to move up to Year 5 in September and recapping some of our key skills including lots of times tables practise. We will also spend time looking at shape and measurement as well as telling the time and how to use and convert money – skills that are very useful in the real world!
Our topic this half-term will be States of Matter: Is water always wet? which links perfectly to our Rivers topic! We will be looking at how particles affect whether a material is a solid, a liquid or a gas and planning and conducting really interesting investigations and observations. Linking back to our Topic, we will apply our learning about evaporation and condensation to our understanding of the water cycle.
In RE, the question we are investigating is ‘When Jesus left, what was the impact of Pentecost?’. We will explore what Pentecost was and the affect it had on Christianity. We will also discuss the concepts of the Kingdom of God and the Holy Spirit and how Christians represent and celebrate these in their worship.

YEAR 4Topic Overviews

WELLBEINGChildren's Mental Health Week

Now more than ever we need to be looking after our mental health! 1st -7th February was Children's Mental Health Week. We got involved to mark the occasion and to raise money for the charity Place2Be who focus on improving children's mental health.

The theme of this year's Children’s Mental Health Week was Express Yourself.
Expressing yourself is about finding ways to share feelings, thoughts, or ideas, through creativity. This could be through art, music, writing and poetry, dance and drama, photography and film, and doing activities that make you feel good.

Check out how we have expressed ourselves this week!

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