ST PAUL'S YEAR 6Welcome back to school

A great big hello and welcome to all parents and carers of those entering their final year at St Paul’s. We are both thrilled and excited to be working with your children in this important and special phase of their school journey.

LOOKING AFTER YOUR CHILD'S SAFETY & WELLBEINGGiving them the best preparation possible

Our main aim, as well as looking after your child’s safety and wellbeing, will be to give them the best preparation possible so they can move on to secondary school with confidence.

In the first half of the Autumn Term we will obviously be dealing with the situation caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. We both know that children will arrive at school with many different experiences of lockdown, home learning, etc … and we would ask that you inform us of anything which may have affected your child, so that we are aware of possible anxieties. Hopefully being back in school with their friends and classmates will be a positive step back on the road to normality. We will be providing PSHE sessions to allow the children time to discuss and evaluate the mixture of feelings they may have and to help them re-adjust back into school life and the curriculum.

We will be looking at extremes in nature, including desert and arctic climate regions
We will be reading a novel called “Floodland” by Marcus Sedgwick
We will be covering French, Art, DT, Music, RE, PE and Computing

YEAR 6Autumn term

With regards English and Maths, we know that the children have missed out on some learning and therefore will be ensuring that they will be taught anything not covered from the year five curriculum before building on that knowledge with the year six curriculum.

Our first exciting topic for September is “Could you survive?” In it we will be looking at extremes in nature, including desert and arctic climate regions, as well as floods, earthquakes and volcanoes. The topic is a mix of geographical knowledge and skills, sprinkled with some major historical events. To tie things together, we will be reading a novel called “Floodland” by Marcus Sedgwick. Our Science this half time is part 2 of the “Living Things and Their Habitats” topic, which looks at classifying plants and animals and the work of the scientist Carl Linnaeus. During the Autumn term, we will be continuing with a broad curriculum by covering French, Art, DT, Music, RE, PE and Computing, either within our topic or as stand-alone lessons.

Yes, we will have to negotiate those dreaded SATs, but we hope the children will come to see them as a challenge to rise to. Both of us have had many successful years of experience in guiding children through what can be a daunting time, however the key is to remain positive and determined …and, most importantly to keep a smile your face! The best way of taking away any worries about the tests is practice. We will have regular practices, so that by the time the children reach May 10th, there will be no mysteries and they will be well used to all the procedures and the style and content of the papers. This, we have found, is the best way to help your child feel relaxed and confident, and to enable them to perform at their best.

We are really looking forward to a wonderful and successful Year 6 and hope you and your children are feeling just as excited as we are to get cracking.

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