Courageous Advocates

As part of the Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award, we have forged strong connections with our local community, focusing on supporting charitable initiatives. Our dedicated Young Leaders have spearheaded various events, such as Warm Up Wednesdays, to raise funds for Doorway, a local charity dedicated to assisting the homeless.

At our school, we celebrate the rich tapestry of diversity, recognizing the inherent value and uniqueness of each child. Our students are passionate about raising awareness and often take the initiative to lead worship sessions centered around topics that have personally impacted them, such as Diabetes, Autism, and Crohn’s Disease.

We take pride in our involvement with the Christian Aid Project Global Neighbours, where we actively strive to broaden our students’ understanding of global injustices. Through engaging educational initiatives, we empower our children to become courageous advocates for positive change in the world.