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At St. Paul’s, books are at the heart of everything we do, so our mission is to get as many books into children’s homes as possible. We have set out a specific reading curriculum for each year group along with milestones for each term which outline the skills and knowledge children will build.


JOSEPH ADDISON“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.“

We strongly believe that reading is the key to a child’s emotional, cultural, intellectual, social and spiritual development. It enables children to build a knowledge base that can forever be added to and even challenged, the more they read. To foster a child’s love of reading is to equip them with the power to fully engage with the world around them and even escape into another world entirely!

Our priority when the children start with us is to build the children’s spoken language, and to explore making marks using a range of tools. We use the well-established Read Write Inc. Phonics programme to teach the children all the sounds they need in order to read and ensure that the children read at school every day, as well as at home. Of equal importance is reading daily to our children, even when they can read fluently themselves. By reading literature to children that is at their interest level but beyond their reading ability, we can further stretch their understanding and motivate them to develop their listening and language skills. As the children become more fluent in their reading, they can then start to take real meaning from it, inferring and deducing information with more and more complicated books as they progress through the school.

How can you support your child with reading at home?

Knowing how to support your child with their reading at home is something we want to support you with. Reading fluently is something we all want for our children and so the more practise your child can have at home as well as at school, the more fluent a reader they will be! Below are some video examples of how parents read with their children: a child from year 2 and a child from year 6.

Please do take the time to watch these videos and as always, get in touch if you would like any more support!

Stay tuned for more videos coming soon!

Reading has the closest of links to writing – the more practice children have in reading, the better their writing will become. By reading, children are exposed to vast amounts of vocabulary, grammar and linguistic choices made by authors; they begin to understand the purpose and audience for different types of writing. In this respect, they can therefore better understand what the demands of a piece of writing requires and adopt a suitable writing style in their own attempts. We also believe it is important that the children appreciate that even the best of authors edit and improve their work and so as writers, the children should do the same, striving to make their work the best it can be.
Read Write Inc. is a systematic approach to phonics that we use at St. Paul’s to teach our young children to read. As soon as our youngest children start at school in Nursery, they learn to listen and discriminate sounds which prepares them for phonics lessons. From Reception, they start learning the sounds individual letters make and use these to start reading. As they progress through Foundation stage into Key stage one, children learn more complex sounds and different reading strategies in order to become confident and fluent readers.
The Read Write Inc. approach ensures all children make progress in reading. Groups are based on individual children’s developmental stage and assessed at regular intervals so all children are working at the correct reading level for their needs.

ST. PAUL’S IS ALSO CONNECTED TOThe Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC)

St. Paul’s is also connected to the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) as a Lead Associate School. We appreciate that many people’s initial experience of Shakespeare’s works was a negative one. This is something we strive to ensure never happens for any of the children who come to St. Paul’s. Shakespeare’s plays are exposed to the children right from the very beginning of their time with us, through a range of active learning approaches that allow the children to explore language in a deeper way.

What’s more, the children have the opportunity to work with directors and actors who have worked on productions at the RSC. We are also incredibly lucky that some children even get to perform at the Swan Theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon! These rare opportunities further enhance our children’s confidence and intellect – there’s no ‘to be or not to be’ about it!

Overall, we believe it is vitally important for children to see themselves (and their role models) as readers and as writers. This has the power to give any child the confidence they need to take on any literary challenge.

Shakespeare Week 2022

It has been another fantastic Shakespeare Week for us this year. We are always overwhelmingly encouraged by how enthusiastic the children are about the Bard’s written word and this year was no different! Each year group took on one of Shakespeare’s plays and explored the true themes that surround them, from romance to tragedy to comedy!

Of course, it wouldn’t be Shakespeare Week without the opportunity to explore our speaking and listening skills with a bit of acting and role-playing, which always leads to some of the most brilliant writing outcomes.

Twelfth Night INSET 2021

As a lead associate school, another fabulous opportunity is for us to host INSET days for teachers within our local network of associate schools.

This year’s focus play was Twelfth Night, whereby a RSC practitioner came along to St Paul’s to train teachers on how to get stuck into the script and play themes with children. The work is based on the foundation of ‘on your feet’ learning, with the principle of embodying the words to help children better understand Shakespearean language. It was a roaring success and teachers commented on just how much they are looking forward to working with their classes on Twelfth Night.

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