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At St. Paul’s, books are at the heart of our curriculum. We believe that children have the right to be exposed to a broad range of texts to build their knowledge and foster a love of reading.
Our class libraries, Reading Hut, Knowledge Nook and Book Bank are filled with quality texts that support children with their learning and also help them see how reading can make you laugh or even cry! We encourage children to review and make recommendations to their peers about books they have read as well as talk about authors and genres they enjoy reading.

‘The journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page’

All Things Reading Week

In conjunction with launching the Reading Cabin and Book Bus, we hosted an 'All About Reading' week where we considered what types of genres books can be and what our favourites are to read. We re-organised our class libraries, idenitfied genres we'd like more books to explore in and learnt how to make recommendations to our peers. We also hosted a 'Reading Cafe' where we invited parents from each class to come along and read with us whilst enjoying a tea or coffee!

Knowledge Nook

Individuals, groups and classes can use this space as a research centre for their humanities or Science learning. With bookcases themed to each year group's topics, the children have access to non-fiction texts and artefacts which can help them build their knowledge. The tables also have whiteboard-tops so that they can take notes/draw diagrams for their research.
In January, we launched the school's Reading Hut and Book Bus to give the children a special space dedicated to all things reading!

The children have been incredibly excited about it and we even had a visit from special guest author, Elka Evald (author of Granny Magic), to help us launch it after she did some storytelling workshops with us.

The Reading Hut And Book Bus

In the Reading Hut, there is a range of fiction texts of varying difficulty and genre.

The Book Bus is a calm, relaxed space for the children to read in or even be read to. We are incredibly lucky to have such a welcoming space for the children to enjoy books. Each class has a weekly slot where they can go and have storytime or read their own book. For those children who prefer a quieter space at lunchtime, the Book Bus is also open for the children to go and read. Here's what the children think:

Milly, Reception: "I like reading upstairs on the Book Bus and sitting on the beanbags."
Jesse, Year 1: "The Book Bus is really good and I like listening to stories in there."
Georgia, Year 2: "The books in the Reading Hut are really good because there's some funny ones and not many things can make me laugh!"
Ethan, Year 3: "The books in the Reading Hut are really interesting. There are always lot of books in there and every book I read from there I enjoy!"
Cicely, Year 4: "I think the Book Bus is a great place to go to calm down and read."
Alfie, Year 6: "The Book Bus is nice and peaceful with heating so we can feel relaxed whilst we're reading."

World Book Day 2023

WORLD BOOK DAY has been fantastic at St Paul's. We have had so many different characters in school 🙂 and our children had a wonderful day

We celebrated the theme, 'You are a reader' as we love books and reading at St Paul's.

On Thursday 2nd March children came into school dressed up as their favourite book character or in their pyjama's and brought in their favourite bedtime story book.

Also on the day, we had 'The Great Big Book Swap' whereby children brought in their own book from home that they have finished reading and would be happy to swap. Inside the front cover, they wrote on why they recommended this book.

Parents/Carers/Grandparents/Family members were invited into school for 'Books & Biscuits,'and shared a story with their child in class and enjoyed a tasty biscuit!
Finally, we were served a 'World Book Day' lunch menu.

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