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At St. Paul’s, we understand that our role as educators isn’t to just give the children academic knowledge, but also develop the children as well-rounded citizens. This is why we have adopted the nationally-renowned ‘Thrive Approach’ to support our children in their social and emotional development.

By using this approach, we can ensure that all children are ready to learn and are at their ‘right-time development stage’. Essentially, it helps our children thrive which ties in with our school vision of shining like stars in the world!

As part of the approach, we have three amazing licensed practitioners who have completed extensive training in order to be able to deliver sessions with the children.

These are Mrs Wallis, Mr. Perry and Mrs Griffiths

We are really lucky to also have a dedicated Thrive room – The Thrive Hive – where children go and work individually or in small groups.

Thrive isn’t just for individuals and small groups though, it is a whole-school approach. Each class have targets to work towards which teachers plan for as part of the curriculum.

Currently, we are fundraising to develop our Thrive garden and were incredibly lucky to have an artist come in and work with us to create a beautiful mural. The children have since been to the local plant shop and planted various flowers in the garden.

We are also excited about ‘Family Thrive’, which will be launching in September 2023. We will be able to invite families into school to attend a 6-week programme focused on The Thrive Approach, what it involves and how it can be used at home.

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Meet The Team

Thrive Practitioner Mr Perry

Thrive Practitioner Mrs Griffiths

Thrive Practitioner Mrs Wallis

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