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Pupil voice matters at St Paul’s Primary School! The aims of the School Council are to give our pupils a say in the matters that affect them in our school and to involve them in the school improvement process.


The school council is passionate about St Paul’s and approaches everything with a positive attitude. In September, the council will be back to listening,1 responding and adapting to pupil voice. You will see photographs of the School Council’s journey to making St Paul’s the best school it can be! In the School Council’s photographs, you will find laughing, enthusiasm, passion, decision-making, opinions being respected and much more.

How to be part of the School Council?

In September, each class elects two children to represent them at the School Council meeting. The School Council meeting is held once a month and important topics are discussed.

How do the School Council decide which topics to discuss for the year?

In the first meeting, the School Council suggest ideas for the School Council meetings. The School Council then makes an agenda for the year, based on these suggestions. Every meeting has a purpose and therefore every minute counts in a meeting.

How do we listen to pupil voice from the rest of the school?

The School Council designs and conducts questionnaires to see pupils’ responses and will hold meetings with Mr Thornton, Miss Harvey and Mr Longdon. The relationship between Senior Leaders and the School Council is important so that pupil voices are heard and recognised. We believe that giving pupils a voice that will be listened to is essential for a thriving school community.

Ongoing assessment is used to plan accurately for next steps in learning at a pace that suits and meets the needs of individual learners.
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