Through Geography teaching at St Paul’s, we aim to inspire a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people. Studying Geography will equip the children to take an active and informed part in shaping their place in the world.

about the world

We achieve this by planning topics that ask a big question and enable children to develop geographical knowledge and skills. There are four key elements to our Geography teaching: locational knowledge; place knowledge; human and physical geography and geographical skills and fieldwork.

In Key Stage 1, the main focus is on the United Kingdom and the local area. In Key Stage 2, the focus moves beyond the local area to include Europe and North and South America. Through the teaching of Geography, we can help children to: develop their knowledge and understanding of the world; build a sense of what is where in the world and the ways in which things are connected; engage with the wondrous and hazardous nature of the world; develop a sense of responsibility for the Earth’s environments, places and people and identify, describe and communicate about places and environments. We enhance learning in the classroom with field trips to significant geographical places in the local area and by inviting visitors into school. Where possible, we utilise links with other subjects, for example, art and design and design technology. The Geography curriculum is also closely linked to the English text-based curriculum but only where there are good quality texts that link to the topics.

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